Throughout the exhibition Caravans of Gold we will be posting resources to support teaching and learning.

In addition to the content featured elsewhere on this site which can serve as ready resources for teaching and learning around the exhibition (including the exhibition walk-through, the videos with experts, and the articles that have been written about the exhibition), in this section you can find supplemental resources for individuals wishing to learn more or educators interested in bringing Caravans of Gold to their classroom.

Caravans of Gold provides a glimpse to a world where cultures meet and circulate at the crossroads of the Saharan trade routes, and where wealthy African empires and commercial centers offer riches and technology beyond any seen in the world. The exhibition overturns assumptions about African history and repositions African states and peoples as not only embedded in, but central to global networks of exchange in the medieval world; challenges common notions of Africa as a place isolated from the rest of the world and without history; and will have students asking why this important history, these stories, are relatively unknown and untaught.