PWA_giphy The Block Museum has released a free mobile web app designed to share the exhibition with national and international audiences.  Developed with a team of Northwestern students and Northwestern University Libraries, the app makes use of recent developments in mobile technology and the minimal computing movement to make an online version of the exhibition widely accessible.

The app was built to ensure that audiences with limited or intermittent access to network bandwidth and mobile data are able to engage with the exhibition. Presented in English, French, and Arabic, a fully multilingual format offers accessibility to those in the exhibition’s African partner countries and beyond.

The Caravans of Gold App is a project that attempts to take into account differences in digital access and network availability across the world and in the United States.

The app is accessible via web browser on computer desktop and iPhone but is optimized for Android – the primary operating system used on the African continent. Android users visiting the site will be prompted to add the app to their phone home screen.  The files are cached on the device so that visitors can view the exhibition works offline.