Earrings, pendant, and ring. Probably manufactured in the Western Sudan, excavated at Durbi Takusheyi, Nigeria, Tumulus 7, 13th /15th century, Gold, National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Abuja, Nigeria, KT2014.1.69a,b, KT2014.1.70, KT2014.1.71. Photograph by René Müller

These four pieces of solid gold jewelry were found among the valuable grave goods of a high-status individual buried at Durbi Takusheyi in north-central Nigeria. They were deposited along with strung cowrie shells in the large Mamluk brass bowl also in this case. These extremely rare treasures were acquired through trade in multiple directions. The gold jewelry was likely made in Senegal or southern Mauretania, while the cowrie shells originated in the Indian Ocean and would have traveled along the same routes as the brass bowl.